International networks

The ever growing international relationships of your clients constantly increase the professional risk of auditors and, in particular, require an insurance company experienced in dealing with international networks of auditing companies. Especially for international networks of auditors it is helpful to be able to fall back on the same insurer within the network if an insurance claim occurs.

Our policyholders

Within the international field, our policyholders include companies in renowned international networks. At present, we underwrite risks from numerous European countries.

Our employees and partners

We are the specialist for the insurance of professional risks of auditing companies in Europe. This specialisation is supported by the focused expertise of our employees and by a permanently optimised international network of lawyers.

The scope of your insurance

We insure the complex risks of your specific legal system and the risk associated with your day-to-day work. These include, for example, audits of financial statements and tax advisory services.

Structuring of contracts

The “VSW – The Insurance Pool for Accountants” provides competent advice adapted to your individual occupational risk in order to supply appropriate insurance and competent claims processing for all auditors and tax advisors in Europe. We will take existing international network policies into account. Many years of experience enable us to find tailor-made solutions with you.

A short summary

We offer to auditors and tax advisors as well as their companies in countries of the European Union

  • advice adapted to their respective legal system and individual risk,
  • adequate insurance for auditing firms and
  • in the event of a claim, competent processing by specialised lawyers and solicitors.