VSW specialises exclusively in the professional liability insurance of auditors and tax advisors

Our international range of services

The “VSW – The Insurance Pool for Accountants” provides competent advice adapted to your individual occupational risk in order to supply appropriate insurance and competent claims processing for all auditors and tax advisors in Europe. We will take existing international network policies into account. Many years of experience enable us to find tailor-made solutions with you.

The ever growing international relationships of your clients constantly increase the professional risk of auditors and, in particular, require an insurance company experienced in dealing with international networks of auditing companies. Especially for international networks of auditors it is helpful to be able to fall back on the same insurer within the network if an insurance claim occurs.

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Who we are

Professional liability insurance for auditors and tax advisors in Europe

The VSW – The Insurance Pool for Accountants offers insurance coverage for their professional activities in Germany as well as internationally active auditors and tax advisors.

VSW specialises exclusively in the professional liability insurance of auditors and tax advisors and has thus built up expertise over decades. We are the only provider with such a specialised, international expertise and see ourselves as a partner to the entire profession of auditors, as well as our policyholders, in Europe.

Our organisational structure

Owing to our special organisational structure as an insurance pool comprising three of the most important insurance companies, we enjoy outstanding economic solidity. At the same time, we combine the advantages of a small and professionally independent organisation. We offer our insured auditors and tax advisors the highest degree of trust and individual services based on a genuine and active partnership, and organisational culture.

Our close relationship with the auditing and tax consulting profession

Since the establishment of our organisation, the auditing and tax consulting professions have been represented on our committees. This method, which is firmly anchored in our institution, is used to facilitate a professional exchange between auditors, tax advisors and us in order to promote mutual understanding.

Our service

Our task is to contractually design the individual insurance coverage of the auditors and tax advisors insured with us and to advise them on liability and coverage on an ongoing basis. In the event of a claim, we stand by our policyholders by settling justified claims for damages and dismissing unjustified claims in order to protect the reputation of the auditors and tax consultants insured with us.

Our employees and partners

Our experienced employees deal exclusively with the professional liability insurance of auditors and tax consultants and are highly specialised. In addition, we are supported by a permanently optimised international network of specialised lawyers.

Our new name

For decades, the “Versicherergemeinschaft für das wirtschaftliche Prüfungs- und Treuhandwesen” had been known as a specialised provider of professional liability insurance under the name “Versicherungsstelle Wiesbaden”. At the beginning of 2018, the traditional brand was transformed into “VSW – The Insurance Pool for Accountants” and given a new look. This does not change any of the proven benefits for existing insurance relationships with the customers. Nevertheless, the external change is not only cosmetic in nature: it symbolises the internal changes of recent years and the future-oriented position of the insurance pool.